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By entering this Centralized User Registration System – Eventos FELABAN (the "Registration System” or the “Platform") you hereby grant prior, express and informed authorization to the Federation of Latin American Banks ("FELABAN" or the "Company") so that, either directly or through its employees, consultants, advisors, providers, contractors, affiliated or controlling companies or associations, FELABAN may conduct any operation or series of operations such as to collect, store, use, circulate, delete, transfer, transmit, cross-check and search for (the "Processing") any information that may be directly or indirectly associated with me and which may determine my identity, such as my name, surname, identity document, gender, telephone number, image, e-mail and Twitter account (the "Personal Data"), and which is collected through the Registration Platform, for the following purposes: (i) Creating and feeding the Registration database; (ii) Formally including the information holder in the Registry; (iii) Holding events, seminars and congresses in alliance with FELABAN members and FELABAN; (iv) Sending out information and invitations regarding events, seminars and congresses, in alliance with FELABAN members and FELABAN; (v) Registering participants for events, seminars and congresses in alliance with FELABAN members and FELABAN; (vi) Organizing and undertaking the logistics of events and congresses held in alliance with FELABAN members and FELABAN; (vii) Distributing any modifications to the Information Processing Policy of FELABAN (the "Policy"), as well as new authorization requests for Processing; (viii) processing requests, complaints and claims; (ix) Completing transactions, obtaining billing data and issuing invoices.

In order to fulfill the purposes mentioned above, FELABAN may transfer, transmit, relocate, share, deliver, and/or disclose Personal Data nationally and internationally, including countries lacking proper levels of protection, to the following: (i) duly registered FELABAN banking association members and other FELABAN members in different Latin American countries; (ii) FELABAN employees, directors or advisors, or the employees, directors or advisors of FELABAN members; (iii) Any third parties with which FELABAN has to share information in order to adequately and efficiently provide its services, including but not limited to business advisors, legal advisors, information technology advisors, consultants and advisors, technology service providers and call centers, among others; and (v) Any judicial or administrative authority with powers and jurisdiction over FELEBAN.

FELABAN hereby informs you that, as the holder of Personal Data, you have the right to: (i) know, update and rectify your Personal Data; (ii) request proof of the authorization granted to FELABAN; (iii) submit requests to FELABAN or to the person in charge of Processing about the way your Personal Data are used, and the right to have them deliver such information to you; (iv) submit complaints to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce regarding any violations of the law; (v) revoke your authorization and/or request deletion of your Personal Data from FELABAN databases. I understand that Personal Data may be deleted so long as no legal or contractual obligation requires the preservation of your Personal Data by FELABAN; (vi) request and obtain access free of charge to your Personal Data that have been subject to Processing.

The Personal Data that FELABAN may collect by way of the Registry may include Sensitive Data such as your image, although delivery of said data is voluntary; therefore formal inclusion in the Registry does not depend on submitting your image. However, if you decide not to provide Personal Data that are not regarded as Sensitive Data, you may not be included or may not remain in the Registry.

Your Personal Data will be processed according to the FELABAN Policy, which I have been able to access and am familiar with, and I am aware that it may consulted at any time at www.felaban.net/politicia_privacidad.php and that a copy of it may be requested at the offices of FELABAN. Please direct any requests, complaints, inquiries or concerns to Deiby Ramirez at 7451187 and at [email protected], in accordance with the terms and forms outlined in the Policy.